A reclusive people of ethereal beauty, cherish their sacred connection with the land, adorning themselves with shimmering feathers and jewels from nature’s treasures. Their enchanting adornments hold whispers of magical properties, granting wearers a profound connection with nature’s wonders.

Designer: Rawle Permanand
Section Promoter: Paparazzi x Waistline Wednesday
Photographer: iDouglas Photo
Hair: Dollz Beauty Spa
Makeup: Katrina Laydoo


Bodywear Only TTD $3,995 USD $640
Backline TTD $4,995 USD $800
Frontline TTD $7,995 USD $1280
Male TTD $4,095 USD $655

Additional Options
Highwaist TTD $100 USD $15
Wire bra TTD $300 USD $50
Monokini TTD $400 USD $65
Male Headpiece TTD $1000 USD $160