Deep in the Maracas rainforest, Zemi’s whispered tales of old. Carved stones held secrets of ancient tribes, etched with magic and spirits untold. Sunlight danced on sacred rocks, unlocking a world of wonder to behold.

Designer: Rawle Permanand
Section Owner: Horace & Makesi
Photographer: iDouglas Photo
Hair: Dollz Beauty Spa
Makeup: Katrina Laydoo


Bodywear Only TTD $4,295 USD $688
Backline TTD $5,295 USD $848
Frontline TTD $7,895 USD $1264
Male TTD $4,395 USD $704

Additional Options
Highwaist TTD $375 USD $60
Wire bra TTD $395 USD $64
Male Headpiece TTD $1500 USD $240