A place whispered about, said to hold precious stones, jewels, and gold. The true mysteries of Luma remain untouched, as it stays undiscovered, inviting only the most adventurous souls to unravel the secrets hidden within the rainforest’s embrace.

Designer: Alejandro Gomez
Section Owner: Salisha Gomes Andrews
Photographer: iDouglas Photo
Hair: Dollz Beauty Spa
Makeup: Katrina Laydoo



Body wear only      TTD $4,695       USD $752
Backline                TTD $5,695       USD $912
Frontline Ultra       TTD $8,615        USD $1379
Frontline               TTD $7,865        USD $1259
Male                     TTD $4,265       USD $683

Additional Options
Monokini                TTD $500         USD $80
Male Headpiece      TTD $1280        USD $205