In the enchanting realm where Masikuru reigns, the veil between reality and enchantment dissolves, beckoning adventurous souls to uncover the hidden wonders of the forest and embrace the captivating dance of nature’s magic.

Designer: AB Design Factory
Section Promoter: Paparazzi x Tribal Carnival
Photographer: iDouglas Photo
Hair: Dollz Beauty Spa
Makeup: Katrina Laydoo


Bodywear only    TTD $3,795             USD $640
Backline              TTD $3,995             USD $640
Frontline             TTD $5,495             USD $880
Ultra Frontline        TTD $6,495             USD $1040
Male                   TTD $3,495            USD $560

Additional Options
Highwaist             TTD $100               USD $15
Monokini               TTD $400             USD $65
Male Collar            TTD $1500            USD $240
Male Long Pant.     TTD $300             USD $50