Veiled within the untamed rainforest, reveal a hidden world where the Nepuyo tribe thrived in a symphony of resilience and bravery. Led by legendary warriors their spirits burned bright like the flickering flames of their ancestral fires.

Designer: Alejandro Gomez
Section Owner: Trinidad Carnival Diary
Photographer: iDouglas Photo
Hair: Dollz Beauty Spa
Makeup: Katrina Laydoo


Body wear only TTD $4,695 USD $752
Backline TTD $5,295 USD $848
Frontline Ultra (tiara) TTD $8,445 USD $1352
Frontline TTD $7,945 USD $1272
Male TTD $4,495 USD $720

Additional Options
Monokini TTD $300 USD $50
Feathered Headpiece TTD $800 USD $128
Male Headpiece TTD $1950 USD $312